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4 Day Workout

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4 Day Bodybuilding Workout Routine

You can put together any number of workout arrangements for a four day routine but the very best is to split the training into a push-pull routine. A push-pull routine is quite simple and also very effective. On one workout you perform all pushing movements and on another you perform all pulling movements.

Set the workout up with the push and the pull workouts coming early in the week, and then allowing a day off between workouts, and then you perform the routines again. For example, on Monday you perform pushing movements, on Tuesday you do the pulling, on Wednesday you take a day off, on Thursday you perform the pushing work again, on Friday you do the pulling workout, and you take the weekend off. Of course you can move the days around to fit your needs, but set them up in generally this rotation. Notice that it allows three full days for recovery, which makes it a very powerful way to produce muscle growth.

Push Iron

On the pushing workout you perform the squat and the calf raise, then you take a five minute break after several sets of each. From here (your five minute rest) you move on to the bench press, the behind the head press, and the triceps prone press. Finish off the workout with the cable pushdown. During the routine you are pushing as much weight as you can.

Pulling Iron

The pulling workout starts by pulling as much weight as possible off the floor in the deadlift. From here you perform the bent row, pulling the weight hard into your midsection. Then move on to a couple of sets of stiff leg deadlift where the pulling works your hamstrings. Finally hit the arms by using some pull-ups and some curls. This routine has you pulling as much as you can.

After a day off, you do it again. On the second rotation, take two days off. Use heavy weights and a lower rep range (6-8) in the first session and go with a higher repetition range and slightly lighter weights on the second session of the same exercises.

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