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Ab Routine for Six Pack

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Bodybuilding Abdominal Workout Routine

Just like any other body-part the abdominals need to be approached with a specific purpose on what your objective is depending on your own genetic strengths and weaknesses. As you know there are some people who were born with abs that can always be seen no matter what they eat and there are some who have never seen their abs.

You need to know what you are dealing with, the speed of your metabolism, your posture and the way that you walk all play a major role in how visible your abs are when you take your shirt off. If you have a big stomach in front of you then doing plenty of abdominal work will only grow the size of your abs and make your stomach appear bigger.

There are two kinds of abdominal workouts with the first being indirect abdominal work that will increase the thickness or size of your abdominal cavity and the second is the ‘toning’ and shaping of your six-pack. We will briefly look at these two options and make suggestions.

If you can see your abs but you want them to be thicker or larger than they are then you need to increase your core strength, which you will get from doing squats or deadlift. The stronger you get the bigger or thicker your neck and your abs will get no matter what other exercises or sport you may do.

However if you cannot see your abs then you need to teach yourself how to eat correctly so that you can start to lose some body-fat as that is the ONLY reason you cannot see your abs. If you can walk upright then you already have abs so losing fat will get you to see them.

There are some top professional bodybuilders who have never done any abdominal work in their training because they believe that the stronger they get the more defined and the thicker their abs get. But let us assume that you can see your abs and would like to shape and separate them more.

In the abs routine listed below you will see that there is no exercise for the oblique’s as doing these type of movements will only make your waist bigger and unless you are already a competitive bodybuilder this will not help you define your upper and lower abdominals.

The following abdominal movements for isolating the upper and lower abdominals should be done by either super-setting these movements or to do 3 sets to the point of failure. Intensity is everything so no more than 90 second rest between sets or supersets.

1. Sit-Ups target your upper abs with the secondary target being your lower abs and your oblique’s if done correctly.
2. Leg raises targets your lower abs with the secondary target being your upper abs and your oblique’s.
3. Lying Leg Raise plus Crunch this movement will target all your muscles in your abs with the secondary target on your oblique’s.
4. Knee-Ins will target your lower abs with the secondary target being upper abs and oblique’s once again.
5. Toe Touchers will target your upper and lower abs.
6. Crunches will mainly target upper abs with the secondary target being lower abs and your oblique’s again.
7. Reverse Crunch will target both your upper and your lower abs with the secondary target being your oblique’s.

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