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Build Arm Muscle

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How To Build Muscles In Your Arms

Eat Well, train hard and rest....bla bla bla

I am sure you are already sick of finding articles that give the same advice. I know you feel because when I used to be very skinny I used to face the same problem exactly.

Most people fail to build muscles in their arms, not because they don't eat well or exercise well but because there are a few tips that if not taken into consideration you will never build muscles in your arms.

In this article I will tell you about the right tips that will help you build muscles in your arms.

The right way to build muscles in your arms

Your elbows are the key: The number one reason people never build muscle in their arms even though they train hard is the slight movement of their elbows or other joins while doing the exercise. The slightest movement in any joint quickly transfers the load to another muscle thus preventing the arm from growth. For example if your elbows moved slightly while doing biceps curls your back will be loaded instead of your biceps. The same goes for the triceps, the slightest movement to your back or elbows can either load your pecs or shoulders instead of your triceps!

Do you work on other muscles?: A big percentage of the growth of biceps happens while working your back and a big percentage of the growth of your triceps happens while working your pecs. Now what lots of people do is that they only focus on their arms then wonder why they aren't growing big, in fact you will never have big arms if you don't work out the other big muscles.)

Do you train your arms more than once a week?: That was one of the mistakes that kept my arm tiny for years, Thankfully someone taught me about this mistake. In order for an arm to grow it needs plenty of rest, training your arms more than once a week will prevent the fibers from being properly repaired and your arm will remain slow especially if you are/were a skinny guy (because you have a fast metabolic rate).

Triceps is bigger than biceps: Contrary to common belief triceps constitute more than 60% of the size of the arm. I always see people who over train their biceps for the sake of getting bigger arms. Not only do those people prevent their biceps from growing by over training but they also restrict the growth of their arm because of not training their triceps.

Protein is not enough: That's another fatal mistake I used to do. I thought that all iI need for growth was protein but later on I discovered that protein can't be absorbed by the body if not enough carbs were provided. This means that you must eat a lot of protein plus carbs in order for your body to grow.

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