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Build Your Pectoral Muscles

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How Can A Skinny Guy Get Pecs

I know you are already sick of people telling you to eat well or to do compound exercises that's why I am going to tell you something different.

Just like you I used to be skinny, very skinny actually but I managed to change my body shape completely and even develop big pecs.

The reason most skinny guys fail to get big pecs is not that they don't train well but its because they do the wrong things. In this article I will tell you how can you get big pecs by avoiding the common mistakes most skinny guys make.

What not to do in order to get big pecs

Over training will decrease the size of your pecs: Some skinny guys do nothing in the gym other than training their pecs and biceps. Those are the only people who fail to get big pecs and biceps because we skinny people have fast metabolic rate that burns our muscles whenever we train them more than once a week. Train your pecs more than once a week and you will never see them growing.

Pecs can't grow with the back to support them: Another fact that lots of people aren't aware of is that your pecs can't grow big unless your back grows big too. People who keep training their pecs and ignoring other body parts never manage to get bigger pecs

Forget about machines: Free weights results in faster growth, when it comes to pecs this is even more true, if you want bigger pics then forget about machines completely.

Progressive overload: In order to get bigger pecs you need to give your body a reason to grow. The only reason for a muscle to get bigger is that it finds that you are putting more load every now and then. Don't get this wrong, more load doesn't necessary mean more weight, it means working the muscle harder.

Forget about push ups: As a skinny guy you need to preserve your energy for intense training and not for cardio. If you can easily do more than 15 push ups then they will help you grow your pecs.

The most effective pecs exercises: The most effective pecs exercises are the basics, the flat bench press, the inclined bench press, the flat dumbbells press, the inclined dumbbells press, dumbbell flyes and dumbbell pull over.

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