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Build Your Shoulders

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How Can A Skinny Guy Get Bigger Shoulders

It's pretty disappointing how an online search for a way to get bigger shoulders yields tons of pages who say the same things, eat well, train hard and rest.

While this advice is important, those are considered the basics, they are known to almost everyone and certainly that's not what a person who wants to grow needs to hear.

As usual, in my articles I tell people about the less common tips that can help them grow and develop better bodies. In this article I will tell you how you can get bigger shoulders if you are a skinny guy.

How to get bigger shoulders?

Apart from eating well, training well and getting enough rest you need to do the following in order for your shoulders to grow:

Train your Pecs: What some people don't know is that the shoulders get trained along side the pecs when doing bench press. Lots of people do the mistake of focusing on their shoulders when they don't grow and so they don't allow themselves to train their pecs well. If you want to get bigger shoulders then make sure you train your pecs very well too.

Beware of trapizues engagement: In my point of view that's the most famous reason that prevents skinny guys from growing their shoulders. While doing lateral raises (side raises) it's extremely easy to engage the trapizues instead of the shoulder muscle. Make sure that you put a heavy weight while training but in the same time make sure that it's not so heavy that you start loading your trapezius instead.

Beware of back engagement: While doing the front raises I see many people lifting the weight with their backs by slightly leaning backward. Since the load is usually too light for the back it neither befits the back nor the shoulders! Make sure you never lean back while doing frontal raises so that you don't train your back instead.

Negative movement is extremely important: When it comes to training your shoulders negative movements are extremely important. Make sure you return the weight slowly to the starting position instead of dropping it quickly while doing each rep, it's even way better to pause for a while in the middle of the movement for 2 seconds before you starting bringing the weight down.

Once per week is more than enough: We skinny guys, have limited resources because of our fast metabolic rate. Over training eats out muscles instead of allowing them to grow. Never train your shoulders more than once a week.

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