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Cardio Muscle Loss

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Should Skinny Guys Do Cardio

Wanting to bulk up while losing fat is just like wanting to drive a car in two different directions at the same time. Yes its possible to build muscle and lose fat but that will certainly slowdown the muscle building process.

Now when it comes to skinny guys, who already have the problem of a fast metabolic rate that burns the food they eat its strongly recommended that they refrain from doing cardio until they bulk up first.

Why cardio isn't recommended for skinny guys at early stages

There are different types of muscle fibers, fast twitch fibers, slow twitch fibers and intermediate fibers.

Fast twitch fibers are the ones that adapt and grow when you lift heavy weights, those are the types of fibers that are stressed when you lift a heavy weight for a short period of time.

Slow twitch fibers don't grow that much and are the ones that give you the endurance needed to do long activities like running for example.

You don't need me to tell you that in order to grow you need to put stress on the fast twitch fibers and not the slow ones.

The intermediate fibers can be converted to either types. the more you lift heavy weights the more likely the intermediate fibers can become fast twitch.

The more you do cardio the more likely that the intermediate fibers will become slow twitch.

Forget about cardio for now

What I learned is that the body builders you see in magazines and pictures don't reach that final shape you see directly but instead they first bulk up then sacrifice some weight for the sake of obtaining definition, six pack, etc.

If you are a skinny guy then the fastest way to grow is to forget about cardio for a while and then get back to it when you have enough additional weight to sacrifice for the sake of obtaining a six pack.

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