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Bodybuilding Chest Workout Routine

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Chest Routine for Size

The chest routine that you use and the different movements that you select will not give you any results if you do not train your chest correctly. Training your chest correctly starts and ends with your attitude when you train because if you are doing chest movements like bench-press or flys you need to push using your pecs and not your ego.

Bench-press is often called the squat for the upper body because of the all-round benefit it has on the development of your upper body. When you bench-press you have to think about the muscles that you are using and not only think of just completing the lift.

If you are simply doing bench-press to impress your friends or simply improve on your last press that you did then you will not get the rewards developing your chest. It takes specific concentration on the movement in order to make sure that you are using the muscles in your chest to work to full range with maximum tension.

Training your chest falls into two categories and they are bench-pressing movements and flys, all of which have countless variations to them. If you do not know how your pectorals attach to your arms, your shoulder and your chest then you should do a bit of research online so that you can learn about your chest muscles, how they move and where they are.

The sets and reps that you use when training your chest are less important that your form and the way that you press a weight. It needs to be something that is always in complete control so that you are able to slow down or speed up your tempo whenever you wish.

We all know that the development of any muscle in our bodies is a direct result of Time Under tension (TUT) which can only be achieved by thinking about what muscles you are training to increase the tension. If you are not getting results from training your chest there are many other variations you can try to make a difference.

For example adjusting your intensity with which you work your chest can make a big difference and there are many different ways that you can do this. From doing heavy negatives or drop sets to forced reps the choices are endless and include additions like using the rest pause system or doing supersets or tri-sets.

You can easily put the accent on your upper or lower pectorals by simply bringing the bar to touch your neck or touch your nipples or below. If you bring the bar to your neck you will be working your upper pecs mainly and bringing the bar below your nipples will work mainly your lower pecs.

The following is just a sample of something that you can try when training your chest however one should always make sure that you are constantly changing the chest training that you do so that you do not fall into a training plateau.

Start with a good warm up for 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps each. Then go to very heavy negatives by adding 25lbs to your 1RM and do 6 to 8 reps always looking for the point of failure. After reaching that point of failure you can go directly to doing drop sets or running the rack until you have nothing left.

Next you go to incline flys where you will do 2 to 3 sets of 6 reps to failure. Once you reach that point of failure you will then do another 3 or 4 reps using the rest pause technique. If you have a training partner you could do forced reps but the point is to go beyond your capability.

Please note that this type of training is only for people who have been training for a year or more as this kind of heavy training to the point of failure and beyond is not for beginners. Always make sure that you are getting correct recuperation and good nutrition.

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