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Drop Sets Workout

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Drop Set Bodybuilding Workouts

Get Super bodybuilding results with drop sets!

At the beginning stage of bodybuilding just about any form of training can be considered advanced. But as time goes on, you'll need to incorporate techniques that challenge the muscles during your workouts. For most individuals, muscle growth will start stalling after 4 to 6 weeks. These training plateaus are experienced by just about everyone and can last indefinitely unless you take matters into your hands and do something to achieve super bodybuilding results.

One of the simplest, yet most effective of these advanced training techniques is called descending sets. Descending sets involve beginning an exercise with a given weight, but instead of terminating the set at a fixed number of reps, the weight is quickly reduced and additional reps are then performed. Decreasing the weight enables you to continue the set past failure, thus increasing the intensity far beyond that of regular sets during your workouts.

We should point out that descending sets go by a number of different names. If using a barbell or machine, the terms most commonly used are "strip sets" or "drop sets" (since you literally strip the weight off the bar or drop the pin on the machine's weight stack). When using dumbbells, the term "down-the-rack" is often used (since you literally work your way down the rack to lighter dumbbells).

We caution against using the descending sets technique during every single set. This is a very intense form of training and if used too frequently, it could lead to overtraining. Don't forget that a drop set is actually two or three sets in one. Perform the first couple of sets in regular style, doing the descending technique on your last set.

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