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Ectomorph Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilding For Ectomorphs

Nobody can understand the pain a skinny guy suffers from except someone who used to be skinny.

I am an Ectomorph and just like you I used to be skinny and I know how it hurts when someone points out that you need to eat more!

I spent years training in the gym and during that period I discovered that you do the right thing your training effort might be useless! For 2 years was training hard and losing muscle mass!

Imagine a skinny guys losing muscle for 2 straight years, that was unbearable. I kept reading and trying to educate myself about the right things to do and as soon as I discovered them I started building muscle mass.

So in short, unless you know exactly what your body needs you will never grow. Ectmorphs require special treatment that other body types might not be in need of.

In this article i will tell you how exactly can an ectomorph build muscle.

What an ectomorph need to do in order to grow

You should never train for more than 3 days a week: As en ectomorph your body burns food quickly and if you went to the gym more than three times a week your body will burn your muscles to the get the nutrients it needs.

Forget about cardio, until you grow big: It's impossible to grow fast and to lose fat. You should focus on growth first then when you grow big enough move on to phase 2 which is fat reduction if you want to lose fat.

Heavy is not the key, progressive is the right word: Progressive overload is the concept that states that muscles only grow when they are subjected to a load that is bigger than the normal load its used to. Increasing the weight you lift is only one of the factors that can increase the load on the muscle alongside many other factors.

Avoid the catabolic state: The catabolic state is the state of breaking down muscles. Your body shifts from the anabolic (building muscle) state to the catabolic state normally many times during the day. If you want to grow then you must learn how to avoid the catabolic state and one of the best ways to do so is to eat a meal each 3 hours.

Don't eat protein only: Protien can't be absorbed in your body without the presence of carbs, that's another reason it's extreemly hard to focus on fat loss while trying to get big. Eat carbs as much as you can and don't bother if you accumulated some fat along the way as you can still lose it in phase 2.

Perform the motion flawlessly: That was one of the mistakes that lead me to exercise for 2 years without seeing any results! I was lifting very heavy weights without doing the exercises properly and the result was that my tendons and joints used to carry the weight instead of my muscles. If you want to grow then don't lift a heavy weight unless you can perform the motion flawlessly.

Never train the same muscle more than once a week: For any other body type this might be acceptable but for an ectomorph training one muscle more than once a week results in loss of muscle mass.

You can't grow some muscles without growing the others: Your arm will never get big if you do biceps and ignore triceps, your bench will never grow unless your back grows to support it and so on. Focusing on one muscle will result in over training and your muscle will never grow.

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