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Ectomorph Workout Routine

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Workouts for Ectomorphs

If you are an ectomporh like me then you must put in mind that the only way to grow your muscles is to follow a workout routine that matches your body type.

Most ectomorphs blame their genes when they don't grow while the main reason behind the poor results they get is applying advice that aren't optimal to their body types.

In this article I will tell you about a great workout routine that would help you grow.

How Ectomorphs should train

Less is more: For Ectomoprhs shorter training duration results in faster growth because when they over train their fast metabolism starts burning their own muscles for food!

3 times a week and no more: The muscles of ectomorphs recover slowly and that's why training for two consequtive days will hinder growth, 3 days per week are more than enough

Train each muscle once a week: I used to do this mistake earlier, whenever a muscle doesn't grow I train it more than once a week and the result was that my muscles started shrinking. I know people told you that rest is important in body building but for Ectomorphs its not just important, its crucial and without it you will never grow.

Workout routine: 3 days per week, the first bench and biceps , the second shoulders and triceps, the third back and legs.

3-4 sets maximum: I learned about this mistake when I found that whenever ectomorphs do more than 4 sets their bodies start shrinking because their muscles don't have time to recover!

3-5 excercises per muscle maximum: For big muscles such as chest, back, shoulders and legs you can do up to five exercises of three sets each but no more than that, for smaller muscles such as biceps and triceps do 3 to 4 exercises max.

Final words about workouts for ectomorphs

Understand your body and follow advice that suits it and you will start growing, over training is dangerous for you and would prevent growth. Your friend who trains five times a week and still grows is not an ectomorph, forget about him you are different!

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