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Frank Zane Workout

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Frank Zane Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Frank Zane's Zany Workouts

He was somewhat overshadowed by Arnold, Franco Columbu, Sergio Oliva and the "Hulk" Lou Ferrigno, but Frank Zane had one of the most outstanding physiques not only of his era but of all time. Frank had a great shoulder-to-waist contrast, super cuts, and no real weaknesses. Frank rightfully became the top bodybuilder, earning the Mr. Olympia title.

Frank would mix in a few muscle groups into a challenging routine. For example, one workout might consist of focusing on his legendary abs along with other regions - Abs, thighs, calves, while a second workout would mix in the back, biceps, forearms, and abs again, and a third session would consist of chest, shoulders, triceps, and yes, the abs once again.

What did he do in these workouts? Frank would often employ supersets. This automatically raises the intensity level of the training.

For his chest training he would use the incline press (as he was really focused on getting the chest proportion right, some incline dumbbell press work, Pec-Dec action, Pullover machine work, dip machine work, dumbbell side raise superset with one arm triceps extensions, some rear deltoid work mixed in with cable pushdowns.

And although he was quite strong and used the barbells often, he would at times go to an entirely dumbbell training routine for these muscles groups.

Frank stretched out the area he was working consistently between sets, going for wide stretching action.

Frank typically finished his workouts with ab work which might include crunches, knee up raises (on chair apparatus) and the seated twist.

Frank crafted a body that looked like a perfect sculpture and which has not been surpassed even through the current era.

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