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Giant Sets Workout

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Bodybuilding Giant Set Routine

The giant sets training routine for giant-sized muscle growth!

One of the most effective techniques to shock your muscles and stimulate growth is called giant sets. Giant sets are similar to trisets but instead of performing three exercises in a row, giant sets consist of four or more exercises performed consecutively with as little rest as possible in between. Although it's not written in stone, most bodybuilders do giant sets for the larger or more complex muscle groups like chest, back, shoulders, and legs, and use trisets for the smaller biceps, triceps, and calves. Smaller muscle groups tend to need fewer exercises to adequately stimulate them during a training routine.

Perhaps the most important factor in designing Giant set routines is to select four or more exercises that hit the targeted muscle group from as many different angles as possible. For example it wouldn't make sense to do all flat exercises for your chest. Instead perform a mix of flat, decline, and incline movements. Likewise for back include both rowing and pulldown/chin-up exercises in your bodybuilding workout.

Besides angles, you have a variety of equipment to use. Instead of using all barbells, try incorporating barbells, dumbells, and machines. Or if you do decide to perform all barbell exercises, try using both straight and EZ-curl bars for variety. The effect on your muscle growth will be amazing.

With regards to rest, some bodybuilding experts stress that you should not rest between exercises, but this is not realistic. You may be able to go from the first to the second exercise without rest, but by the time you reach the third and fourth movements you will be tired. While you don't rest the traditional 60 to 90 seconds between exercises, it's perfectly acceptable to rest 15 to 20 seconds between movements during your training routine.

If there is one disadvantage to giant sets it's that you may have to adjust your training schedule. Most gyms are crowded after work or school in the evenings. You'd no sooner leave a piece of equipment when another member would come along and take it. Or worse, jump in front of you just as you were about to perform the next exercise in your training sequence. If you can't train earlier or later in the day, another option is to leave your giant sets until Saturday or Sunday.

The following are some great giant set bodybuilding combinations that you can incorporate into your training routine to stimulate new muscle growth.

Thighs - Squat, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Lunge
Chest - Flat barbell press, incline dumbell press, flat dumbell fly, pec deck
Back - Chin-ups, Barbell row, front pulldown, one arm row
Shoulders - Side raise, dumbell press, upright row, reverse pec deck

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