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Hardgainer Tips

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Hardgainer Bodybuilding Tips

Just like you I am a hard gainer but the good news I have for your is that I managed to create a perfect body.

A few years ago my friends and relatives used to call me skeleton, if you have the same body type that I have I am sure that you understand how that hurts.

Nowadays I managed to come very close to my genetic potential and have a beautiful body.

The main reason hard gainers like you never achieve the desired results is not their genetic composition but rather the incorrect practices they do when it comes to exercising.

Today I am going to tell you some vital tips that would help you grow your body.

Fatal mistakes hard gainers do

What most of people don't know about body building is that when you lift a weight your nervous system has to be operating well in order to recruit the correct amount of muscle fiber needed to help you lift the weight.

Now what if the nervous system was tired? Or overloaded? Simply that would prevent it from recruiting enough muscle fibers and you won't be able to lift well and that in turn would prevent growth.

So what does this has to do with you as a hard gainer?

The fact you might not be aware of is that hard gainers have the ectomorph body type which requires more time for its nervous system to return back to normal after weight lifting.

This means that:

You must never train more than 3 days a week.

You must never train the same muscle more than once a week.

You must never stay in the gym for more than 60 minutes.

I am sure that everyone told you before that rest is important for muscle growth but for hard gainers its not just important but its crucial.

Your muscles heal slowly

Hard gainers, sometimes called ectomorphs have muscle that heal at a slower rate than other people. That's another strong reason you must never do the mistakes listed in the previous section.

One of the biggest mistakes hard gainers do, especially persistent ones, is that they over train whenever they find unsatisfactory results.

Over training prevents healing which in turn leads to more unstaisfacroy results which leads to more training. Most hard gainers become trapped in this cycle without managing to understand what's going on or break free of it.

If you want to grow big then you must be strong enough to control your desire to workout more often but instead train less and then you will see the results yourself.

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