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How Heavy To Lift

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How Much Weight Should I Lift To Gain Muscle

How much weight should a person lift to gain muscle?

Answering that question correctly is the key that can help you gain muscles and become bigger.

The reason many skinny guys never manage to gain muscles or reach their goals is that they answer that question incorrectly.

In this article I will tell you exactly how much weight you should lift in order to gain muscles.

Heavy or light?

Lifting heavy weights tears down muscle fibers forcing the body to restore these fibers with bigger size in order to prevent the same thing from happening again.

This means that muscles never grow when you lift light weights that doesn't result in tearing down muscle fibers.

So is lifting heavy the key to gaining muscle?

Yes and no

Because unless the word "heavy" is understood correctly you will only injure yourself and you will never gain weight.

What does heavy mean?

Heavy means:

A weight that you can hardly reach 10 reps while using it.

A weight that puts strain on the muscle.

Heavy doesn't mean:

A weight that you can barley lift or that never allows you to reach 6 reps.

The reason I am saying this is that lots of people get the word heavy wrong and start lifting very heavy weights in order to grow not knowing that by doing so they are straining their tendons, joints and bones - not muscles.

The slightest deviation from perfection prevents muscle growth.

Some people mistakenly think that a certain weight is ok for them because they can get as many as 8 reps using it while in fact you may be able to get a high number of reps with a heavy weight without putting any strain on the targeted muscle group.

This means that if you didn't perform the motion flawlessly you might be straining other muscle groups and so hindering growth. For example if you bent your back backward while doing biceps curls your back will carry the weight instead of your biceps and your biceps will never grow.

At the same time the weight would be too light for your back and so it won't grow either!

So let me summarize everything in one line.

A heavy weight means:

A weight that allows you to do more than 6 reps but less than 10 while doing the motion flawlessly.

Lift such a weight and your muscles will grow bigger.

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