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Make Your Muscles Show

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Why Won't My Muscle Show

Because I used to be skinny to the extent that my friends used to call me skeleton I know how frustrating it feels like when your muscles never show.

The good news is that I managed to make a major transformation to my body shape.

In this blog I tell people how can they gain muscle by avoiding the common mistakes the majority of people make in the gym and in this article I will tell you why don't your muscles show.

This is why your muscles never show

Do you balance your body parts?: One of the little known facts to the most is that pecs can hardly grow without the back growing to support it! The arm can never get big unless the triceps and biceps get big not just one of them. The shoulders can hardly grow without properly training your pecs and the overall body can hardly grow without squats! Now what I noticed people do is that they focus on a muscle or two thus prevent their body from growing to its full potential.

Are you applying progressive overload?: There is no possible way for a muscle to grow unless the load exerted on it is increased gradually. This means that lifting 5 pounds forever will never allow your muscle to grow. If you want your muscles to seriously get bigger then give them reason to grow. As soon as you start increasing the load progressively your brain will send signal to make your muscles grow bigger.

Eating protein only? Not enough!: The previous point and this one resulted in massive increase in my muscles. I used to think that as long as Iam getting enough protein then my muscles will grow will in fact I discovered that for us skinny guys carbs are as important as protein! if you don't eat carbs insanely then forget about growth.

Over training?: That's the fastest way to lose muscles especially if you are/were a skinny guy. If you want to grow then you must go to the gym three times a week only.

Doing cardio? Forget about it!: Your body can hardly grow if you do cardio. Focus on getting big first then later on focus on losing fat. If you want to grow fast then you must divide your training program into phases. The first phase should be the growth phase where you intentionally allow some fat to accumulate and then the second phase would be fat loss where your muscles grow slowly and your fat gets trimmed.

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