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Muscle Ache After Workout

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Why Do Muscles Ache After Exercise

Before you know why do muscles ache after exercise you should understand first how muscles grow.

When you lift heavy weights some of the fibers in your muscles are torn.

When you sleep that night your body starts repairing these torn fibers in a bigger form in order to prevent this type of damage from happening again. As a result the body restores a bigger muscle!

While exercising plenty of pain killer are released into your body so that you won't feel the pain except few hours after you go home.

How can you grow your muscles?

These facts lead us to interesting conclusions.

Your muscles will never grow unless you lift heavy weights that tear down some of the muscle fibers.

Lifting light weights and doing high reps will never lead to anything because unless you put a high load on your muscles the fibers would never get torn.

Why is rest extremely important

One of the biggest mistakes skinny guys do is that they hit the gym everyday when they find that they aren't getting bigger while in fact they aren't growing because they go to the gym too often.

If you went to the gym before the muscle fibers were fully restored you will tear more fibers and your muscles will shrink over time!

Rest is extreemly important, it's as important as exercising itself especially for skinny guys who have a high metabolic rate.

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