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Muscle Building How Long

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How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle

Would you be rather be told the wrong information that would make you happy rather than being told less pleasant information that would help you reach your goals?

Of course you want to know the truth and the truth is that body building takes time. Don't expect to see amazing results after a week or even a month.

Body building is not the type of sport that can help you change your body shape by exercising at the end of May in order to look good in summer.

I know tons of people who come to the gym 1 month before the summer hoping to be in shape then leave disappointed at June when they found that not much has changed.

Sso how long does it take to build muscle?

The time needed is a function of the body type

For us, ectomorphs, skinny guys or hard gainers building muscles takes more time than other body types. If you compared yourself to a friend you might find him getting results before you do and this happens because you are genetically different.

Oof course you would still see improvement in 3 months but this improvement may not be the kind of transformation you currently have in your mind.

If you are skinny and if you really want to change your body shape (like I did) then you must understand that this is a game of commitment and only those who manage to keep going on the long run reach their goals.

The time needed is a function of your life style and training habits

Most skinny guys do the opposite of what should be done to get big in their case. By putting a big emphasis on cardio, exercising more than 3 times a weak and training the same muscle more than once a weak skinny guys burn up their muscles without noticing.

Because we hard gainers have different genetic structure we must play by completely different rules in order to gain muscle mass quickly. Following in the footsteps of those who have different body types will lead you nowhere because unless you put your body type into consideration it will take you so long before you can build muscle.

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