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Muscle Soreness After Workout

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Why Do My Muscles Hurt After Working Out

In order to be able to answer that question you first need to know how exactly do muscles grow. When you lift heavy weights your muscles suffer from some microscopic tears in the fibers forming them.

Because your body is intelligent it works on repairing those tears but this time it makes your muscles bigger so that they don't get as torn again.

So in fact tearing down muscles is the right way to make them grow and that's why it's so normal that your muscles hurt after working out especially if you training right.

How to grow bigger fast?

So the important conclusion we can make out of these facts is that the only way to make your muscles grow is to force these fibers to get torn.

After all if not enough load was exerted on the muscle fibers would never get torn and so your body won't find a reason to make them grow.

I have learned something very important which is that once the muscle gets used to the load it can no longer grow until the load is increased.

That's why you must always be increasing the load on your muscles as long as you want your muscles to keep growing.

Why don't my muscles hurt sometimes?

In the first few days your muscles will hurt like hell because your body is not used to lifting weights yet. Some people decide to quit bodybuilding few days after they start because of believing that they will always feel that same pain after working out but that's not true.

Usually after a week or two of exercising pain will be minimal to the extent that you might not notice it.

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