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Muscles Not Growing

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My Muscles Aren't Growing

One of the things that confuses lots of skinny guys is finding that their muscles aren't growing even they they exercise regularly. I have been practicing bodybuilding for many years but during 2 of those years I used to shrink instead of grow!

When I started learning about bodybuilding I discovered that there are little factors that if they weren't taken into consideration will result in loss of muscles even if you are training hard!

In this article I will tell you why don't your muscles grow and how to make them grow.

Why you aren't growing

Are you sticking to a perfect form?: Many skinny guys become obsessed with the weight label and try to do anything to lift more. The result is usually doing the exercise improperly and so never load the targeted muscle groups. If you want to see your muscles growing then put in mind that you must do the exercises in a perfect form.

Lifting with momentum: That mistake is very popular and it's the extension of the previous point. Many people lift the weight using momentum instead of doing the exercises slowly while focusing on the target muscle. That's very common in biceps curls where a person bends his back to quickly pull the weight up and of course the results are back injuries and small biceps.

The mind muscle connection: One of the facts few people know is that your nervous system is the one responsible for recruiting enough number of muscle fibers to lift a weight. Now when you build mind muscle connection by focusing on your muscle while lifting your assist your nervous system in recruiting more fibers and so increasing your growth rate.

Are you using machines instead of free weights?: If you want to see your muscles growing then forget about machines completely and aim for heavy free weights.

Do you go to the gym 5 times a week?: If that's the case then forget about growth. We ectomorphs require more rest than anyone else in order to grow and thus going to the gym more than 3 times a week prevents our muscles from growing.

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