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Protein Needs Bodybuilding

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How Much Protein To Build Muscle

Lots of people wonder how much protein is needed to build muscle? You need 2 grams of protein per each kilo of your lean weight in order to grow. You can know your lean body weight by subtracting the amount of fat you have from your total body weight. So if you weight 180 pounds and have 20 pounds of fat then your lean body weight is 160 pounds.

Each kilo equals 2.2 pounds so in order to get your weight in kilos you need to divide your weight by 2.2. For a healthy adult who don't exercise its recommend that he gets 0.8 grams/pound (1.6 grams per kilo) but since you lift heavy weights and require more proteins you should aim for 2 grams/kilo (1 gram/pound)

You don't just need protein to build muscle

I used to be a very skinny guy but that's just history now. After I discovered that what a skinny guy needs the most right after protien is carbs.

I was always wondering how much protein is needed to build muscles without giving any attention to carbs and that's why I wasn't growing. As soon as I started eating more carbs I started growing.

Protein is only one factor that assists in muscle growth

Some people mistakenly believe that protein shakes and amino acids are magical formulas that would help them get bigger as soon as they take them and that's why they always end up disappointed.

In order to build muscle you need to know how to train properly, how to rest properly and how to eat properly.

Eating tons of protein per day will never help as your body will get rid of the extra amounts or store it as fat, after getting what it needs. Eating the right amount of protein without training well, resting well and avoiding common misconceptions will yield no results.

In short, when you forget about your protein obsession and learn how to train and rest correctly your muscles will grow.

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