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Putting on muscle mass

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How To Put On Muscle For Skinny Guys

If you are a skinny guy then I know how badly you want to put on muscles because I used to be skinny too. A few years ago my friends used to call me skeleton and that made me eager to put on muscles however the desire alone wasn't enough.

I kept going to the gym and eating a lot without putting on muscles to the extent that I lost hope. If you are a skinny guy then most probably you faced the same problem of not being able to put on muscles even though you train hard.

In this article I will tell you how to put on muscles even if you was a very skinny guy.

How can skinny guys put on muscles?

The biggest mistake that prevents skinny guys from putting on muscles is following the exercising routine of a non skinny guy.

We skinny guys have different types of bodies and so we require special consideration and different training needs. Your non skinny friend might be doing something that suits his body and that is making him grow but for you this routine might not help you put on muscles at all.

Tthe second mistake is not using the concept called progressive overload. Progressive overload is a concept that states that muscles only grow when you keep increasing the load they get subjected to every few weeks.

When your muscles get used to a certain load they don't find any reason to grow and your size will remain the same.

The fatal mistake that prevents skinny guys from putting on muscles.

There are lots of common mistakes that prevent skinny guys from putting on muscles but this is one a fatal mistake.

Too much training burns the muscles of a skinny guy and prevents him from growing. Because of the fast metabolic rate of the bodies of skinny guys over training is the worst thing they can do.

All skinny guys go to the gym more often when they don't see results and so end up losing muscles instead of building them.

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