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Running For Leg Muscles

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Does Running Build Leg Muscle

Before I can answer this question I must first tell you about the type of fibers forming your muscles. Your muscles are formed of two types of fibers, fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch muscles can grow big and are responsible for providing short bursts of energy when lifting a heavy weight. Slow twitch muscles are the muscles that provide sustained energy required to do a task that involves less weight like walking.

Running with slow speeds only triggers slow twitch fibers and thus never builds muscle mass. In order for your leg muscles to grow you need to run fast so that you create some resistance that assists in triggering fast twitch fibers.

So the answer to the question does running build leg muscle? is it depends on your running speed. Sprinting can certainly increase muscle mass in legs but running or walking will not do any good.

Another reason why running can't build leg muscle

As soon as the body gets used to lifting a certain weight your muscles will not grow.

This means that as soon as your legs get used to lifting your body they won't grow anymore and the only way to increase the size of the muscles is to increase the weight the legs are carrying through weight lifting.

I used to be a very skinny guy and my legs used to look like sticks, I discovered that progressive overload is the only way that can help a skinny guy grow.

Progressive overload is the concept of putting more load on your muscle each time you hit the gym.

Now back to running, running doesn't put any more resistance on your leg muscles and so they find no incentive to grow.

How to grow your leg muscles

Train using heavy weights in order to give your legs a reason to grow. Your body has many other vital functions other than growing your muscles and that's why it doesn't send signals to grow muscles unless there is a strong reason.

The only strong reason that can build leg muscles is lifting heavy weights. Of course sprinting will help too but not as fast as lifting heavy weights will.

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