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Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout Routine

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Shoulder Routine for Mass

Developing a good shoulder routine comes with knowing your body and your own genetic strengths and weaknesses. Too often weight trainers and bodybuilders develop rotator cuff injuries from not being aware of these genetic weaknesses that they are born with.

Rotator cuff injuries often come from doing too many military press movements incorrectly or doing heavy bench-press incorrectly. A good shoulder routine should attempt to specifically isolate the three heads of your deltoid as effectively as possible.

Using a movement like a lateral raise to warm up with 25 reps is always a good idea. If you are thinking of adding size to your deltoids then you should first start off reaching the point of failure by doing lots of reps with a movement like a lateral raise sitting or standing.

Many bodybuilders do not specifically work the anterior deltoid because they feel that it gets all the development that it needs when doing a pressing movement like bench-press. However if you feel that you could press more then you should do movement like a forward D/B or barbell raise.

Bent-over lateral raise will isolate your posterior deltoid and it can also be done using a cable. So after starting with a good warm up doing a standing or seated lateral raise movement with dumbbells or cables you would then move onto heavier movements.

Your heavy movements with shoulder should be done with dumbbells if you have ever had any shoulder injury in the past. Doing a military press with a barbell should never be low down behind your neck as this is an unnatural movement for your shoulders and can often lead to injury when pressing a heavy weight.

The shoulder routine listed below is something that is recommended by most of the experts in bodybuilding however one should be careful to make sure that your deltoids are always nicely warmed up before going heavy. The sets and reps can be changed to suite your specific needs.

Lateral Raises for 4 sets of 25/20/18/15 reps
Seated Dumbbell Press for 4 sets of 15/15/12/10 reps
Medium Grip Upright Rows for 3 sets of 12 reps
Bent Over Lateral Raises for 3 sets of 20 reps
Barbell Military Presses for 3 sets of 40 reps
One Arm Incline Lateral Raises for 3 sets of 15 reps

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