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Skinny Guy Before and After

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Skinny Guy Muscle Transformation

I used to be a skinny guy, no not that normal skinny guy you see around but I was so skinny to the extent that my relatives used to call me skeleton! Yes, that was my nickname then, but that is just history now.

Before I became muscular I used to think that there is no way I can gain muscle and that I was destined to live with that body I wasn't comfortable with.

The reason I formed that belief is that I used to follow the popular incorrect advice people give to each other inside the gym and that's why I spent years going to the gym without getting any results!

I remember friends used to tell me don't you give up? You have tried the gym before and yet your body is the same.

How the transition happened

As soon I started getting the right information I started noticing slight positive changes, these changes motivated me to continue doing the correct things I was now doing.

So it was all about knowing the right things that should be done instead of applying wrong information. The number one reason skinny guys stay skinny is the lack of correct information about their body types.

Even if the information they get is right for someone else its usually useless for their body type. So if you are now skinny and if you want to become muscular then you should focus on understanding your body well and learning about the proper exercise routine that you must follow.

How can you become muscular too

After I have been through this experience I decided to create this website to educate skinny people about the common mistakes they make that prevent them from becoming muscular.

This website is full of articles that will tell you what you need to do exactly in order to develop the body you always wanted to develop. So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

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