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Static Contraction Workout

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Static Contraction Training Routine

We first need to understand the basic theory of static contraction but in order to do that we need to quickly re-cap what we already know in conventional training methods. Usually we do 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, we do this so we reach the point of overload or failure.

The reason we do that is because our objective is muscle growth and the growth of any and all muscles occurs because of the demand placed on ALL the muscle fibers in a muscle group as well as the mental demand for the firing of those selected fibers in a muscle group.

Static contraction takes a completely different view on this basic principal of sets and reps by using a heavier weight than you would normally use but not doing reps but just contracting the muscle isometrically for 5 to 10 seconds.

So for example let's say that your average working weight for bench-press is around 150 kilograms. You would then add an additional 75 kilograms to the bench-press and select a position in your bench-press movement where you are the strongest.

You would then take this heavy weight to that point and hold it for as long as you possibly can. The idea is that by using this static contraction you will be calling on ALL the muscles fibers in the muscle group to be used to their maximum in order to hold the weight steady.

The idea is that your muscles will get the message to fire all the fibers in order to be prepared for the next onslaught of this maximum weight been held statically it needs to increase in size. It has been proven with trial and error that just by holding this static contraction for 5 or 10 seconds will be sufficient to stimulate muscle growth.

A full static contraction training routine will take you less than a total of 5 minutes if you do this type of training correctly using strong range partials. The achievement of maximum overload is something that comes from working in the last few inches of your full range of motion.

So the idea is that you get the sweet spot in all the basic movements that you do which is something that can take you a few workouts in order to find out exactly where that sweet spot is. The ultimate objective would be to increase the load that you are using for static contraction.

If you want to see maximum results from this type of training you should split up the training in order to maximize the benefits. So on a Monday for example you would do the first moves of shoulders, traps, triceps and biceps as well as abdominals.

You could then do your normal typical training in order to fully recover on the following three days and then on the fourth day to go back to the large basic compounds movements like deadlift, squats and bench-press but you could also do this static contraction with any other movement.

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