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Super Slow Workout Routine

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Super Slow Repetitions Bodybuilding

The rep speed or tempo that you train with is vitally important if you want to see results. All bodybuilders who have been training for a while should be constantly aware of altering the intensity of their workouts in order to maximize gains.

When we start out lifting weights to gain muscle anything you do is an overload so the tempo that you use to train with does not really matter. However when you have been training for a year or more the tempo at which you train becomes more and more important.

It is all about Time Under Tension (TUT), which is something, that has now been conclusively proven to be the reason why a muscle starts to grow. This means that using the correct form and maximizing the tension in the movement will get better results.

The faster your tempo the less tension you will develop in the muscle and the less growth you will get, it is as simple as that. Most beginners will be coached to do a 2-3 second concentric lift and a 3-4 second eccentric lift but this is something that is not set in stone but just a guideline.

Assuming the correct form is used at all times the movement can be lengthened or shortened depending on what weight you are using and how many reps you are shooting for. Faster reps allow you to use a heavier weight but there is less tension on the muscle so you will not grow as much.

Rep tempo is something that is often used very scientifically by many top professional bodybuilders who do not only measure the speed of the concentric and eccentric movement but the pause and the stretch as well. This is something that is usually for the advanced bodybuilder and is often incorporated into an advanced workout routine.

A good bodybuilder can easily manipulate the intensity of his/her workout by changing the tempo or adding a pause or stretch into the movement. This is something that can be specifically written like the numbers 3-1 2-1 which would be 3 seconds on the concentric with 1 second pause and the 2 seconds eccentric and 1 second pause or stretch at the bottom.

Super Slow repetitions can be anywhere from 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down up to the extreme of 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down.

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