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Training to Failure

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Should You Train to Failure on Every Set

Feeling the "burn" and pushing your reps to the max is very effective for making gains in size and strength. But there are downsides to failure training, thus you need to monitor your energy and strength levels in order to avoid burning out your central nervous system.

If you're not familiar with the term failure training, it literally means to do a set until you can not move the weights at all from point A to point B anymore.

Failure training is a great way for advanced bodybuilders and trainees to bust through training plateaus and get to the next level in their training.

Unless you have a few years of training experience, failure training will not help you build muscle as you'll need more experience before your body responds to high intensity training, which is extremely demanding on the body.

High intensity workouts that incorporate failure training are very effective because they recruit more muscle fibers and stimulate the release of muscle building hormones such as growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor and testosterone as well as increasing insulin sensitivity.

So yes, you should train to failure, but only if you're an advanced trainee, and you've built up some decent size and strength over the years, and then only on the last set of an exercise.

To gain muscle mass as well as strength, you'll need to move the heavy iron in the gym, but be careful to not over do it as excessive failure training will lead to injury, overtraining and a loss of motivation.

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