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Weights or Machines

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Are Free Weights Better Than Machines

I was really skinny to the extent that my friends used to call me skeleton. But I changed a lot and one of the main reasons this happened is that I found out the incorrect practices I used to do at the gym.

One of these incorrect practices was focusing on machines instead of free weights.

Machine are nice, easy to use and can prevent injuries but when it comes to bulking up they can't be even compared to free weights.

Why free weights are much better than machines

Improving mind muscle connection: One of things few people know is that the nervous system is responsible for allocating the required number of muscle fibers to lift weight, this means that a healthier nervous system will promote muscle growth (that's another reason why stress breaks down muscles) when you lift free weights the Neuro-muscular connection is improved because you have to maintain the balance of the weight you are carrying manually.

Supportive muscle groups are involved: When you train your shoulders other muscles get involved, when you train your bench your triceps get involved and when you train your back your biceps get involved. Using machines sometimes isolates these supportive muscles thus slow down overall growth!

Better range of motion: Machines can limit the natural range of motion and prevent you from putting enough strain on your muscles thus slowing down your growth.

In short, if you want to get bigger forget about machines completely and go for free weights.

Personally i experienced faster growth as soon as i stopped using machines and turned to free weights.

Free weights are better for hard gainers

One of the things that can allow a hard gainer to grow faster is training using free weights.

As a hard gainer myself I experienced the effect of training using machines only and free weights only and I came to the conclusion that free weights are much better for us, hard gainers.

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