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Women's Workout

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Women's Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Training for women doesn't need to necessarily need to be any different than what a man does, outside of the weight load employed. Men have more muscle mass and can heft a bigger load, but the set and rep scheme should be in the same ballpark. Some misguided direction has had women doing light weights and lots of reps, but that doesn’t do a whole lot for the muscles. Here is a workout that does effectively work the muscles.

First workout
Warm up body
Incline bench press 3 x 10
Cable crunch – standing, 3 x 10 (superset with incline bench)
Seated dumbbell press 3 x 8
Standing barbell curls 3 x 10
Sprints warm up, five 40 yard sprints

Second workout
Warm up body
Squat 3 x 10
Power jumps 3 x 7
Deadlift 3 x 10
Cable rowing 3 x 10
cardio/aerobic exercise – 20 to 30 minutes

Third workout
Warm up body
Stiff leg deadlifts 3 x 10
Standing calf raise 3 x 10
˝ range Crunches 3 x 12
cardio/aerobic exercise – 20 to 30 minutes

Allow a day of rest between each workout and use a fairly significant weight load for each exercise. Cardio/aerobic training should be performed at the end of the workout and not the beginning. By packaging the weight work with the cardio training the workout can be compacted down into a single session each of the workout days. Perform stretching and flexibility work on the non-training days. Have a couple of glasses of milk after each workout.

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